Saturday, August 20, 2016

Thought for the Day - The Connection Between Ego and Responsibility

Sometimes, being 'responsible' can be a debilitating label. That's because we take up responsibility and add a healthy dose of the ego. 'I' am responsible and hence I will or I must do this. Identifying with such responsibility can make you do things to win people's approval because you are doing it for that very reason. To reinforce their thought that you are 'responsible'.

What this can do is that it makes you highly irresponsible and dangerous. You become fully identified with the label of 'responsibility' and in the effort to gain approval, forget your real responsibility - which is to yourself, your growth and the achievement of your full potential. In pleasing others you put yourself aside. And by doing so fail in your primary responsibility.

To understand this clearly, let us look at responsibility without the ego. When there is no ego, all responsibility is towards you and your actions. It is oriented towards your progress and growth. Whatever other responsibilities you take up, do not hamper your growth.

Whereas, when we take up responsibilities that hinder our growth, we are defnitely acting under the influence of ego. That we are responsible - and hence can help. And that others need our help. That's fine, but you need your help more than what others need.

Responsibility is a wonderful word. But mix it with ego and it can set you down the wrong track. In my opinion, all our decisions that take us on a downward spiral are made because of these wrong connections. Responsibility without ego, to yourself and your full growth, creates wonderful possibilities. It helps not only you, but so many others around you. And that is true responsibility - when we are at our best and fullest potential, flowing and giving by 'being'.

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