Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Pelli Choopulu - Movie Review

Watched the flavour of the season and much acclaimed movie by debutant director Tharun Bhascker at PVR. The 8 pm show was pretty full which speaks volumes for the movies popularity. It's very watchable, funny and carries no baggage. Surprisingly light and relatable Pelli Choopulu, scores well on all departments - which bodes well for preparation and craftsmanship I guess.

The hero Prashanth (a name I'd have forgotten had it not been for the father of the girl calling him Pradeep all the time) has little ambition in life - except for marrying a rich girl and making a Fixed Deposit of his dowry of one crore. He has two friends, who appear to be hoping that the dowry will also save them from their financial mess - at least to the extent of paying their drinking bills. One is a budding photographer and the other loves his drink. A father who isn't too happy with Prashanth's stage in life, a mother who's okay with his way of doing things, a rum and coke loving grandmother, a cheating girlfriend shore up the boy' side. The boy himself is someone who has no specific likes and dislikes, is easily bullied or coaxed into doing things for others and consequently is looking for permission from all and sundry before he acts on his own. Boy and family go on a 'Pelli Choopulu' mission for the boy and meet the girl Chitra. They two meet, discuss their pasts (everyone has one these days), their presents (everyone has one) and futures (again ditto) and before we realise it we are at intermission time with a twist. Post interval more twists, more jokes that make you laugh out loud, a pleasant experience over all and we're done.

Undoubtedly a good effort by a debutant. It's fresh and has that quality which works for it. The lead pair Vijay Deverakonda and Ritu Varma are good, the character artistes and their predicaments are easily relatable. Music is a plus. All in all nice. Uday Bhascker would have been proud of what his son achieved and I can well imagine a witty wisecrack from him at his son's success. Well done Tharun and may you make many more wonderfully entertaining movies.

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