Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Someone To Watch Over Me - Movie Review

There are somethings you are destined to do. Why I picked this movie to watch over three lazy, bored sessions I don't know but I did. Perhaps some karmic debt to the 1987 days.

The first scene of the dance party at the cops house is a dead giveaway of how things were in the 80s - or rather how parties were. Its at a cops house, along with other cops and their wives and girlfriends. Then comes a murder at a posh party which is witnessed by pretty socialite, single and rich. New cop is assigned bodyguard duties which he takes literally and brings in some tension at home. Meanwhile the killer is killing everyone else but the girl including - you guessed it - the cop's best pal. A final shootout where cop's wife turns out to be a better shot than most and alls well and that ends well.

Cop goes back home. Socialite goes to Europe. Why such a big fuss is made about it all is something I don't know. Watch it if you have nothing else to do. On second thoughts, don't. Instead listen to this song. I discovered that the music was composed by Michael Kamen who for a few years I thought also composed a song 'Into the Night' which I thoroughly liked.  Listen to it.

(My pal Naresh of course later told me that the song was composed by Benny Mardones so you could search for him and not Micheal Kamen. Naresh was the king of  soul, high priest of romance, the host of many dance parties as the one shown in the movie with such songs being played - so no arguments.)

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