Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Anjali - I Don't Care If He Is Black or White

Yesterday I was watching the video of 'Thriller' by Michael Jackson in a sudden rush of retro love. Anjali joined me at the computer and watched Michael Jackson in his pre-white skin days.

'Oh, he looks different,' she said. 'I saw him in another video and he looked different there.'

I jumped in, quick to educate her with my knowledge. 'We used to watch this video so many times. This was one of MJs greatest albums and he really changed our lives. He was black then.'

She was intensely watching his moves. I felt the need to add more.

'Then he changed his color and became white,' I said. 'I preferred him when he was black. Nothing wrong with him as he is right?'

Pat came the answer.

'I don't care if he is black or white. All I am concerned with is how well he dances and sings.'

She practiced the moon walk and backed out of the room.

That ended that particular conversation.

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