Monday, April 20, 2015

50 Not Out - Lovely Review in Free Press Journal

I happened across this fine review of '50 Not Out'. It's the kind of a review I like - full hearted. Not the careful should-I-commit-to-this-or-not kind of a review. Good for you Sumeet Naik.

‘50 Not Out’ is a road map to make ones’ life fruitful while celebrating the game of cricket.

"...many more such cricketing terms directly connected to explain the various nuances of our life makes ‘50 Not Out’ not just an interesting but also valuable read. The simplicity of the language used connects with reader faster and the examples given to put across a point are the ones even a layman can connect with.

At times we seem to find ourselves in a situation where we see no concrete answers to the questions we are confronted with. Or a day where nothing seems to be going the way we want it to go. During such occasions this book can surely come handy in showing you a path to some basic and simple solutions of life which our preoccupied mind had failed to see.

So to all who want to play a long and fruitful innings of life, ducking the nasty deliveries life bowls at times with confidence and calmness. Go out and grab a copy of ‘50 Not Out’ to play the best innings of your life!"


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