Thursday, April 2, 2015

Fantastic Dance Recital at Shilparamam - Students of Department of Dance, University of Hyderabad

The students Masters of performing Arts of the Department of Dance, University of Hyderabad, took up, on short notice from the Director of Shilparamam, Mr. Kishen Rao, an offer to perform on the 1st of April at the Open Air Auditorium, Shilparamam. The students were naturally thrilled with the opportunity and put together a fine recital of Kuchipudi and Bharatnatyam. On stage yesterday were Suchismita, Niyanthri, Aiswarya, Ashwini, Janimiya (Bharatanatyam), Snehalatha and Rohini (Kuchipudi). Two other students Aparna and Sneha could not make it owing to the short time frame but I am sure they will soon perform on this stage that Mr. Kishen Rao, has so graciously offered.
The Open Air theatre at Shilparamam

I went to the venue early with Anjali, my sister Mythily and nephew Abhishek. Shilparamam is such a revelation. Right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of steel, glass and concrete of the Hitech City, lies this tree-laden paradise that has almost no concrete and everything there seems to take you miles and years away from the reality outside.
The shopping area 

Don't get intimidated by the crowds at the entrance - right next to the Shilparamam gate is the entrance to the Night Bazaar which has ample parking in the cellar. You park and walk back up the ramp to the entrance so if you are driving yourself, its best to off load your passengers at the gate so it saves them trouble of walking up and down.

The shops in Shilparamam sell all sorts of handicrafts - toys, wooden stuff, furniture, textiles, paintings, metal work, Pochampalli sarees and stuff from all over India. Little straw huts offer the perfect ambience.

A peaceful walk around all the shops could take up to two hours I'd think. There are small eateries, a lovely Open Air theatre where the dances were to be performed, a small water body, tress all around beautifully lit, a grassy lawn, nice walkways - you can completely forget life outside.
Early audience 

We went to the OAT and waited for the show to begin. It's in this little clearing in the middle with the stage at a lower height and steps coming down from the top which have chairs - some 500 or so.
The way it is designed

The performers came and posed for photographers and then by 7, the show was underway. It was beautiful. My knowledge of classical dance is limited but I was totally taken in by the beauty of it all. All of them performed so well, looked so good in their costumes and jewellery and the crowd that came completely enjoyed the show, clapping for a long time after the performance ended. There was a decent amount of press in attendance too.
The students performing - beautiful to watch

Snehalatha and Rohini started off with a Kuchipudi recital, then a Bharatanatyam recital by Niyanthri, Aiswarya, Ashwini, Janimiya and Suchismita, and then a solo by Snehalatha and Rohini and then a grand finale where all of them performed. According to the press today (whom I'd rather trust more than my own memory) the items performed were Jatiswaram, Bhamakalapam, Jaganmohana, Brindavana Nillaya, Tillana .
A far shot 
Anjali enjoyed her outing. She loved the dancing and tried to imitate some movements. Then she got her portrait made by an artist who was outside.  Nice. An evening well spent. I was so happy to be there. Well done all. Brilliant stuff.

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