Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Thought for the Day - Is Love the Antidote for Stress?

When one feels all stressed out and feels like one is going to pieces there seems to be no escape. It all appears to be hurtling down a one way street with no way to slow down. One is barking at people, looking at things to go wrong, situations to crop up and not expecting a single thing to go right.The BP is shooting through the roof and you don't see how you can stop it. Much less reverse it.

But if one flipped the perspective ( I tried this the other day) and instead of barking into the phone, actually speak with love, really feel it, there is a huge change in the way the entire conversation goes. Same goes with the way we approach things, situations, people. We stress things out with our own stress and we expect them to react normally. If we do approach life with love, I suspect there would be no stress.

Life through the trees (Pic courtesy Anjali)
Love, I believe, is the antidote for stress. Approach life with love. Not with tension, taut nerves and bloodshot eyes.


Rajendra said...

yes, but the precondition may be equanimity. So you are not stressed at all. Difficult!

Harimohan said...

Catch 22! But equanimity as the precondition works. In fact equanimity works any which way and is fertile soil for love to sprout.