Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to do things well - The MasterChef Australia Validation

To 'do' things well, one needs to declutter the mind and stick to the main idea. Action needs some coherence, some organisation, to be effective. Let's say we want to write a novel, score a hundred or take five wickets. If one is writing, write with the clear idea of following the main idea. If one is batting, bat with the idea of playing the next ball - one ball at a time. If one is bowling - bowl with the idea of merely having the thought of where and what you want to bowl your next ball. That is it. Come down to the one thought. Pen to paper, one word at a time. Bat to ball, one ball at a time. Ball on spot, one ball at a time.

Much theory can go around it to figure out how champions do it but in the end it is this - do it, one basic thing at a time. One clear idea. Organising the mind. And - do it intensely in that moment.

Great validation for this thought came from the Masterchef Australia Chef who summed up the process of good cooking today - (1) Be clear about the core idea (2) be true to the core idea even if you want to improvise and (3) organise your thoughts and processes to arrive at the core idea as best as you can.

Simple huh. You can use that formula for anything - writing a book, batting and bowling well, cooking, team selection - anything. Thanks Chef!

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