Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Anjali - Give Only When Asked

Another learning from the young lass. While travelling in the car I was telling her that I would have liked to give a chocolate to one old lady who was begging on the road (I normally give them toffees or candy so they can pass their time on the road in their tough profession).

Anjali instantly said - 'Give it only when she asks'.

'Why?' I asked in return, surprised.
'What if she does not want it? You see if a cat does not want to drink milk, it might push it away right? Even the old lady might not like it if you give without asking.'

I could not agree more. Give only when asked. There is much more value then. Thanks Anjali.

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Rajendra said...

I see a chicken soup from a 4 year old materialising soon. Just compile all the priceless fundas emerging from her.