Thursday, July 26, 2012

Thought for the Day - Change Happens When You Are True To Yourself and Your Belief

Most times we accept things as they are because we are afraid of disturbing the status quo. In many situations where certain processes, thoughts are ingrained over years of similar and perhaps stale thought, it appears seemingly difficult to bring in a new approach. The air hangs around you like a miasma, people appear distrusting, conspiracies are seen everywhere - but its just the old insecurity. It is easy to get drawn into it and fear it and do nothing about it. For example when you enter a government office, you may accept status quo and leave it at that. After all its the culture you'd say. Or any organisation like a start up too.

But change does not happen when one accepts without trying. One must be true to oneself and one's convictions and beliefs irrespective of what is going on. If everyone believes that everyone is a crook, one can still speak to the good in the other person. It exists after all in everyone and if we speak to that part, that part will respond. All one needs is just enough momentum, one tweak and things could change forever.

This is something that Gandhiji did in his most stunning demonstrations of his faith in human goodness. it is something that can change the way societies can function. It is certainly something that can change the way organisations function.

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