Sunday, July 1, 2012

Amazing Andhra Pradesh

I guess it could be the way with most other places but I also am willing to wager a bet that we in Andhra are ahead in most. For example we have a funny situation where most big wigs in society are all in jail. From the YSR Congress party chief YS Jaganmohan Reddy to IAS officers like Srilakshmi and B.P. Acharya to judges like Pattabhi and businessmen like Nimmagadda Prasad are all in jail. I might have missed out a few names. Most of these people somehow seem to be connected to either Jaganmohan or Gali Janardhan Reddy and we don't know who is involved and how and what. We have had the funny situation of a senior IPS officer running away like a petty thief to avoid being caught. We have had the biggest corporate fraudster in Satyam's Ramalinga Raju - now out on bail.

Everyday we have the cream of society here visiting the jail to meet these people. We have had President-to-be Sangma walking in to jail to meet a party chief for support. What if Sangma really wins tomorrow? But its winning the support that matters after all. We have also had a landslide victory for Jagan after he landed in the jail causing most to wonder what went wrong.

Now who else is there in the cooler and who is likely to go there? News was that Nagarjuna the actor went to meet Nimmagadda Prasad in jail. Our papers these days are full of pictures from the jail only. The jail might soon turn out to be the new status symbol, the hottest spot in town.

In days gone by (most youngsters would be actually surprised by this I am sure) politicians or ministers would resign taking moral responsibility if anything untoward happened in their ministry's purview. Most went to jail in support of a noble and public cause, fighting the public and not on charges of corruption, forgery, bribery and so on. It's truly amazing how our Andhra has managed to remain ahead at this game of corruption, low politics and unchecked greed.

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