Friday, July 27, 2012

Laudable Initiative from the AP Chief Minister

The new initiative by the Andhra Pradesh State Government to make Physical education compulsory in schools is indeed laudable. In a state where the perspective to a child's growth has taken a rather weird turn with extreme focus on academics and marks orientation, this move was necessary to restore parity and give hope to children and their real growth.

It's now well known that all children need not display the same intelligence in academics alone. Some display intelligence in sports and games, some in dance, some in music, some in other forms and all of these are recognised forms of intelligence. The child discovers himself and develops a healthy self-esteem through the intelligence that he or she expresses most or finds it easy to express through the most.

Sports comes naturally to some and I have seen in my own life that those who have played sports and games develop a healthy attitude to life through their work in teams, to leadership, to winning and losing - and thereby build a higher resilience to the vagaries of life. It also enables them to look at life with more 'empowerment' as they constantly seek to find a way to better their performance - and the only way is through more effort!

If nothing at all, sports is a time for laughter and physical activity, to release oneself by just running free and enjoying life as all children must do. The next initiative Chief Minister, would be to ensure that all schools also have access to grounds so they can express themselves freely. Well done!

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Rajendra said...

Excellent idea. Hope it is implemented well.