Monday, March 26, 2012

Thought for the Day - What's Your Relationship with Life

What is your relationship with your life? Think back, take a moment. Is life your friend? Is life constantly setting you up for failure? Is life disappointing you? Or as Amitabh famously sang in Muquaddar ka Sikandar, is life the bewafa, the betrayer, who leaves you finally to death's (the mehbooba, or lover's) embrace?
Love this picture I shot on the move somewhere in the Himalayas

Is life is our friend? The one who holds our hand all the time we are here on this earth. The one that sustains us, the one that goes ahead and picks the right lessons and situations for our overall growth, reducing our shocks when we cannot handle them - then we have a good thing going. In fact, looked at like a loyal and caring friend,  life can take on half the responsibility we are carrying - a friend who is always there for us, ahead, with and behind. Half the load is gone.

As they say, it is easier to trust the process of life than to suspect it all the time which is what perhaps, most of us tend to do.

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