Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thought for the Day - What is your entry point to life?

When we walk around with a stiff demeanour, not a hint of a smile on our face and body language that hints that intrusions are unwelcome, we are pretty much closing ourselves to the world. This happens probably because we are uncomfortable with the world interacting with us - we do not know how to handle it if life starts flowing into our space. Our fear of life coming into our space could also happen because we are highly egoistic and think that much of the world is below us. Either way we are closing out life, several new experiences and a chance to live.

Even at a thought level, if we are open to life, we find it easier to look people in the eye, to hold a hint of a smile on our face, to look at life kindly, to laugh easily, to be more generous etc. Our natural inclination, the happy way, seems to be to interact, to engage and to be open to life. To do so, it might help to make it easy to receive life when it comes to us.

A smile is the easiest entry point for life to enter. But few are secure enough to accept life, to handle life as it comes. Most put up their own filters. Clothes form a barrier, material things form a barrier (this is a nice design). Some put up intellectual barriers - books, thoughts, ideas (oh, I like that book or that author). Some have age and class barriers (we belong to that generation). There are many filters, barriers in some form or the other. It would be interesting to know what filters we have.

And to know what our entry point to life is.

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