Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Paradoxes of Our Lives - Ignore what we have, Crave for what we don't

We ignore that which we have with us, and crave for what we don't have. And once we acquire that which we don't have, we ignore that too, and crave for another thing we don't have. Our lives it would appear are about acquiring a series of things that we don't have. Is it any wonder that what we have disintegrates, dissipates or just disappears in time.

Maybe if we gave some attention to what we have, we could find that which we are seeking in what we don't have. Maybe we could find happiness, contentment and even a fair amount of excitement if we opened our eyes to what we have. (It would give us a better idea too, of what we need to set our eyes on next, instead of mindlessly acquiring stuff we don't really want.) Like I heard someone say - don't give up what you have, merely give up what you don't have! Good mantra for happiness I'd think.

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Hallekatti said...

Satyavachana Hari !