Thursday, March 29, 2012

Song of the Day - Panna ki tammanna mera Heera mujhe mil jaye

This is a fantastic slow number, all romantic, in every way. One of those songs I knew nothing about since I had not seen the movie nor did I know anything about it. I merely heard it many times over the radio in the 70s and 80s during my school and college days and loved the sound of it (the kind of a song you'd sing to your girlfriend on a quiet sundown). But you got to see the video of this 1973 movie 'Heera Panna' starring Dev Anand and Zeenat Aman. The way Dev Anand runs after the cap and his stylistic improvisations all through, the way he sees the paper, presents her the dress he wants her to wear for his photo shoot etc is really amusing. He looks so different, so naive almost that women must have really felt secure with him around. The song - fabulous. Another of those R.D. Burman compositions - how many did he do finally?

But now to learn the song's lyrics that go something like

Panna ki tamanaa hai ke Heera mujhe mil jaye,
Chahe meri jaan jaye, chahe mera dil jaaye

Heera to pehle hi kisi aur ka ho chuka (2)
Kisi ki
Mad bhari
Aankhon mein kho chuka
Yaadon ki
Bas dhul, ban chuka dil ka phool

Seene pe mein rakh doon jo haath phir khil jaaye
Chaahe meri jaan jaye, chahe mera dil jaaye

Dil to dete hai, lete hai log kai baar (2)
Hua kya,
Kisi se
Kiya tha tum ne pyaar
Yaadon ko chod de, vaadon ko tod de

Apni jagah se kaise parbat hil jaye
Chahe meri jaan jaye, chahe mera dil jaaye

Bhula na, mere dil ko kabhi, kisi ka khayal
Ho sake,
Toh use,
Mere dil se tu nikaal

Naa karoon main yeh kaam
To nahin mera naam

Baaton se yeh zakhm-e-jigar kaise sil jaye
Chahe meri jaan jaye, chahe mera dil jaye

Seems like high class poetry compared to some of the lyrics we hear these days.

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