Thursday, August 12, 2010

Top 10 Scenes

Let me think this up very quickly - first come, first served.

1) Amitabh dying in Sholay
Not a dry eye in the house. Why did he have to die? And the coin with two similar sides was a master stroke. I win whichever way. Brilliant stuff Salim - Javed.

2) Aamir hitting the six in Lagaan
You know he will do it but you're still rooting for the honest, brave Bhuvan and when he does it, you're elated, flying in ecstasy as if you had done it. That is what an honest effort can do.

3) Amitabh's drunken scene in Amar, Akbar, Anthony
Roll in the aisles my friends, there is nothing else you can do but roll in the aisles at this scene. It's unbelievably funny as he sticks the band aid very considerately on the mirror and blows on it for good effect.

4) Aamir fighting back in Ghulam
Aamir the boxer challenging Sharath Saxena, the local goon to a public fight and much like Mohammed Ali in his famous fight, just not giving up after all the battering, and coming back each time until Sharath Saxena finally gives up.

5) Amitabh locking up the door to the warehouse in Deewaar and throwing away the key
Another master piece by Salim-Javed. Here are the goons waiting for Amitabh and he enters their den, locks it up, throws away the key and challenges them that he will unlock it after kicking their butt. And he stops the villain who is running away from him by opening the door, and opens it himself! Maine kaha tha ki darwaza mein kholoonga!

6) Dharmendra in the water tank scene in Sholay
This scene is hilarious right from the moment Amitabh goes to maushi with the proposal and honestly lists out Dharam's good qualities to maushi. And even as maushi is recovering from her future damaad's good qualities, Amitabh signs off with a cheery 'Tok baat pakki samjhun maushi?'. To undo his friend's efforts, Dharam climbs the water tank and makes his love and angst public to the villagers. 'Yes angrez suicide kyon karte hain?'

7) The athletes carrying their bob sled to finish the race after they fall in Cool Runnings
Coming from nowhere the Jamaican bob sled team shows a few things about playing the game - stick to one another, be true to yourself, give your best shot and believe in one another. And when their rickety bob sled breaks down in a record threatening run, the athletes walk out, lift the broken down bob sled on their shoulders and cross the line to the admiration of their worst critics. Epitomising the spirit of sport, it shows that you earn respect not by winning or losing but by the way you play. Goose pimply stuff and brings a tear to the eye.

8) Killing of Sonny Corleone in The Godfather
Dramatic in the book for the way it is introduced, this scene was brilliantly in the movie as well.

9) Annu Kapoor relieving Sunny Deol of his car, flat in Arjun
 In a moment of political opportunism Annu Kapoor relieves Sunny deol, whom they use for their political agenda, of all the stuff they give him - car, house - and brushes him off like a fly. Annu Kapoor is superb in this scene as the ultimate professional, the chameleon who can change his colours in a moment. You just don't know what and whom to believe in anymore.

10) Sanjeev Kumar in the pakoda scene in Angoor
Delightful, as the rest of the movie is. As the identical twin brother of Deepti Naval's sister's husband who is mistakenly caught up in their house, Sanjeev Kumar hatches a plan to mix pakodas with a sedative and escape. Only, he falls for the pakodas, Deepti Naval and sedates himself. Deven Varma singing 'Preetam aan milo' to no effect on his boss, his attempts at trying to get away from his sister in law, Aruna Irani, are hilarious.

11) Sean Connery dying and the railway station scene in 'The Untouchables' 
Sean Connery's death in the movie is totally unexpected as he is lured into a trap and shot at a critical juncture in the movie. The big, blustering, wisecracking Irishman's absence takes the soul out of the movie for only the slightest while. And then the classic railway station scene where Andy Garcia takes the shot to take out the villain on the steps, falling cradle with baby and all, is an absolute treat.

Absolutely random!


Asr said...

One of my favorites is Shekar a.k.a Tiger bashing up the bus driver in Bangalore bus-stand. Yeah from Hum. The music and the way he removes his spectales, I can see this any number times and experience the same emotion

Harimohan said...

Hum is it? I must see it again sometime since you mentioned it.