Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let's Play - The Puffin Book of Sports Stories

And finally my little cricket story 'The Secret Weapon', a fictionalised account of a cricket match we played while in school makes its entry in the Puffin Book of Sports Stories. Puffin sent me one copy yesterday. It is slim, appears to be an easy read and has a foreword by Harsha Bhogle who confesses to his great love for reading (and the consequences of imagining). I have not read all the stories but I must say it is a good initiative by Puffin because there are no real sports stories for English readers - big or small. Let us hope this starts off a new trend and caters to that segment.

The 'Secret Weapon' is the story of Model School Cricket Team which is wondering how it can beat Orchid Public School. Model has no big players this year and  their coach actually went and picked nerds like Anshuman who was their chess captain. And Orchid has all state players who are bigger than them. But from a desperate situation Anshuman turns on the heat doing what he knows best - out think the opposition.

As for me, it was a nice surprise to see the book lying in the porch. Specially since I was wondering if it was some rejection by someone in the publishing industry! Thanks Annshu, my editor for this book, who took the trouble to come all the way for the Delhi book launch of 'If You Love Someone...'.

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