Friday, August 20, 2010

Funniest Books and Authors I have Read

Alright then, the funniest authors and books I have read.

  • P.G.Wodehouse heads the list for his ability to make you burst out laughing uncontrollably at his descriptions. Blandings series, Wooster and Jeeves, Ukridge, Picaddily Jim, Doctor Sally, Clicking of Cuthbert, If I were you...the whole lot. One of those crazy moments in my life was seeing a new book shelf at Sunil Jyoti's house completely filled with new Wodehouse's - probably the whole lot. Uncle was a great humour writer and loved his dose of humour. I guess I must have started reading Wodehouse because Dad had a whole bunch of them at home and I must have got on to it sometime.

  • Tom Sharpe and his bunch of books led by Wilt and the Wilt series, the Granchester Grind etc. Sunnie introduced me to Tom Sharpe with that first Wilt and I have been hooked on to it since.

  • Sue Townsend's Adrian Mole is an all time great character and I think I have his whole life history with me from his 13 and half years onwards, his love, his love for writing, his poverty, his losses. The entire Adrian Mole series is out of this word though I did not much relish her other books.

  • Ben Elton's Gasping is one play which is out of this world and one of my prize possessions. A must read for any humour lovers. I read a few more Ben Elton and enjoy his style very much. One of the books is about a reality show, forget the name of the book.

  • Dave Barry's first book that I read was 'Guide to Marriage and Sex' and could not stop laughing. He is so irreverent and so honest that it's incredibly funny. That bit about the bra is unbelievable. I read up almost all his books after that and own most of them. Seriously funny.
  • Woody Allen is so himself in all his books just like his movies. However I can't take home the characters, scenes though I found him very funny to read. Wonder why? Maybe another read is in order. I got hooked to Woody Allen by myself - wonder why and how.

  • Bill Bryson is funny as well but not in the Dave Barry style. Where Dave Barry doe snot make any sense at all and purely makes you laugh, Bill Bryson is actually telling you facts and his opinions upon them, as he traverses the world.

  • Gerald Durell is another funny writer though I ahve not read too many of his stories. The pleasantly smiling variety of stories.

  • Bill Cosby is another writer that I have read quite a few books of and liked them enough to buy some more. Again, the pleasantly smiling variety for me.

  • Magnus Mills's Restraint of Beasts is a classic for me and he will always figure in my list of top funny writers and the book in all my lists concerning books.
  • Stephen Fry was good but never lived up to the hype about him. I got his Liar with a lot of expectations and felt rather disappointed after I read it.

  • Among Indian writers I read, Srividya Natarajan's Onions and Garlic is one of the best comic novels I have read from an Indian Writer in English.
  • RK Rarayan for sure - Swami and Friends (thanks anon for reminding me) and the other stories of Malgudi Days. I am currently reading RK Narayan's autobiography and its quite a relief to know that he went through the same grind with publishers and agents.

  • Jug Suraiya is another writer who I find very funny when he is taking on topics he feels strongly about. His book compilation of his columns had some really funny pieces.

Will add more later.


Anonymous said...

PG Woodhouse is the ultimate comic author.

My addition to the list are RK Narayan (malgudi days) and Bernard Shaw. Now these guys write serious books dealing with serious issues but the subtle comedy in them I enjoy a lot.

Waiting for your next list.

Harimohan said...

Thanks Anon, I had RK Narayan on the list. How'd I forget? Didn't read much of Shaw but he's the funniest in terms of some of the quotes I read. Hence no Shaw owing to non-reading. But RKN will get added to the list right away.