Monday, August 30, 2010

Bobby a.k.a Sai Kiran a.k.a. Ashish - The Dreamer

Bobby after a net session at Don Bosco
Bobby, as he is popularly known, (or Sai Kiran) is the dreamer in the team. Bobby plays the role of Ashish the bookworm in the movie, th one with the single mother. Not that Bobby has those dreamy looks etc but you know he is there somewhere on the edge of reality even as he speaks to you. This was just a doubt in my mind until I spoke to him for this little interview the other day and I found that my suspicions were correct. Who else would aspire to be a doctor and an actor and also have his own rock band in his future plans?

He is fine guy this Bobby, always coming over as a mature person with his own definite views on things. He is also very sociable, gregarious and one of the more popular guys among the lot. Must be because he is non-judgmental, takes things as they come and lets others be.

All of 17, Bobby is a student of Sri Chaitanya Junior College, Dilsukhnagar, and is pursuing his BPC there. He has played a child artiste role in 'Andhrudu' with Gopichand in the lead. Another one from the non-filmi backgound, Bobby's father is an advocate. I ask him if he has had any training in acting and he emphatically says no. However, he would like to go to NSD, Pune and learn the tricks of the trade there. I ask him if there is an NSD in Pune and he is certain there is.

His pet hobbies are hanging around on facebook where he leaves several comments in some typical language of his, playing with his PS3, playing basketball and hanging around with his close friends whom he calls 'homies' (one of those words). He listens to a wide range of music from rap to pop to hiphop to Hindi, likes to dance and is a student of the Shiamak Davar Institute of Performing Arts.

Bobby loves watching Jim Carey, Hritik, Kamalahasan and Katrina Kaif. His favourite movies include Dumb and Dumber, Arya 2 and Salt. 'I would love to do the kind of roles that Gopichand does or Srihari does,' he says. 'And I liked the way Prabhas was in Billa.'

Bobby is a free spirited young man who will try many things in his life I think. He has the intelligence and the curiosity to do many things, and also has the strength to recover when things do not always go his way. Not one to be given to wild mood swings, he is steady at all that he does and can be relied upon to deliver when it matters. Like for example when he has to take a difficult catch in the outfield or bowl his spinners with that pivoting movement that Baig saab wanted. I was also kind of concerned about getting his dismissal right in the final but he pulled it off with ease.

There is another interesting side to Bobby. He is one of the first boys in this lot to read 'The Men Within'. Most others talk about it but I suspect they did not get down to reading it. And, sometime he actually made his way to my blog and left several comments there in his inimitable style. I have to reply to his comments of course. He is always a pleasure to meet at the ground, since he possesses a rather endearing trait of being respectful yet having the freedom to speak his mind and at the same time, the ability to take a joke upon himself.

Lots of energy, lots of ideas, never scared of experimenting and someone who I think delivers more than he promises, Bobby will always keep himself happily engaged doing things he loves doing. Good luck Bobby and may the hero within you make all your dreams come true!

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