Monday, August 23, 2010

Santosh Shobhan - Mercurial and Immensely Talented

Meet Santosh Shobhan, the immensely talented, highly capricious and very likeable 15 year old from Sreenidhi International School who is playing Gautam's role in the movie. The first impression one gets of Santosh is that you can either like him or hate him, but you cannot ignore him. He is an enthusiastic boy, passionate and true to his soul, does what his mind tells him to honestly, which is why I think he will always be liked more. You can get angry with him for his stubborn ways, his highly frustrating methods, his complete belief in what he is doing  despite the fact that everything and everyone else seems to think differently but then; not for too long. You cannot help but like this guy with that ready grin on his attractive face.

Santosh who plays Gautam, after a long net session
Immensely fond of cricket and all games (and I think of all that he does) Santosh is currently studying in his tenth. He says he has always played theatre in school, right from the days in 'Shloka' a school where he studied until three years ago. He has played roles from many Shakesphearean plays (and typically forgets the name of the character he played in Midsummer Night's Dream). But I played Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony, he says, and also got a Special Jury Award for my performance in a Telugu play in 2008 (forgets the name of course). Grins.

'I will be an actor when I grow up,' he says, without any doubt in his mind. 'Meanwhile I will play cricket for a league team after I finish my boards,' he ponders. 'I never realised I'd be acting in a movie so early because I never planned for this. I always thought I would launch myself as an actor when I grow up. But when Senthil uncle called my mom and told her about this role I was game. It was the cricket that got me.'

Santosh loves playing cricket, X Box, Handball and throws a decent javelin he says. Knowing him you have to take that with a pinch of salt but again, knowing him, you can't be surprised if he turns out to be a champion at that. He loves watching movies and his all time favorites are Mackenna's Gold, Ace Ventura, Magnificent Seven to name a few. He loves the sci-fi, action and comedy genres and hates - romantic films. His favourite actors are Jim Carey, Bruce Willis, Amitabh, Chiranjeevi and Kamalahasan. In the female actors he likes Anjelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Megan Fox and, as an after thought, Trisha.

I would love to do challenging roles, he says. I would love to do the kind of roles that Chiranjeevi did or Buce Willis did. I will head off to the US after my twelfth and join an acting school. Pretty good focus.

From Sagar to me, Mohan to Senthil, Baig saab to Prasad, Santosh meets everyone with the same openness and enthusiasm. And everyone pulls his leg, knowing he is a good sport and has the spirit to take it in the right sense. 'You don't play cricket,' says Baig saab with a big smile when Santosh asks him some complex questions about batting, 'You pursue acting. I will have to retire by the time I teach you.' One likes to think that Santosh mellowed down in these few months; he is not as impetuous as before and though as fiercely competitive, also allows room for the fact that others must have their days as well - something he would not accept in those early days. But whatever he does, he does it in his inimitable style and that is one reason why I would like to watch more of Santosh in all that he does. Undoubtedly talented at his acting as well as his cricket, he backs his talent with supreme confidence and an air of learning. Santosh is one of the stars of the movie and will leave an indelible impression on the viewers. And I do see a much brighter future for him, if he can get a grip on himself (which I think he will), and will continue to excel in whatever he does. Of course, Santosh like all the rest of the boys has access to me anytime - I have grown quite fond of the entire lot during these few months.

Good luck young man and from all that I have seen, well done, brilliant job and good luck!


Anonymous said...

I never comment on blogs, but this one is awesome! Thanks.

Harimohan said...

Dear Anon, thanks for your comment (really honored) and the nice words about the blog. Glad you liked it.

Anonymous said...

Santosh mama ur great rey

Anonymous said...

heyyy. you are so osm. luved you in GHS, when is your next movieee? im a big faaan. love you Santoshh :)