Thursday, August 12, 2010

Top 10 music themes

These are the top 10 music scores, mostly in movies.

1) The Sholay theme
Haunting, hopeful, call of the wild kind of a music. Most memorable during the titles when the jailer is heading to Thakur's house on horseback.

2) Saajan's theme music
Very romantic. I saw the movie in Patna in 1992 and can still remember the tune. 

3) Chariots of Fire theme music
Vangelis. Masterpiece. Will make it my all time favourites.

4) James Bond theme music
Unmistakable. Probably the best known theme music in the world.

5) The Godfather's theme music
Very haunting. I heard it much after watching the movie. Very soulful.

6) Love Story theme music
Another of those tunes we have all heard somewhere surely. Wonderful composition.

7) Top Gun theme music
Makes you fly. It's perfect for the movie.

8) Come September theme music
Again, heard this in school. Never knew where it came from. Got the name one day. Then watched the movie. Fantastic.

9) Beverly Hills Cop, Axel F theme music
It was just right for the movie again. Had a cult following.

10) Salaam Bombay theme music
L Subramaniam's music for Salaam Bombay was moving. It was incredibly sad. The violin worked amazing emotions. Still have the entire composition in my head. Takes me back right there. The cover of the cassette, the mood of the movie, listening to it in dim, dark nights. Brilliant.


Anonymous said...

Nice list, but missing my favorites. Jaws and Starwars Darth Vader music.

Anonymous said...

Oh' Rocky Eye of the Tiger another favorite.

Harimohan said...

Hmm...Jaws was on my mind but my memories were not particularly pleasant. Darth Vader...I must listen to it. Rocky's number will certainly figure in my list of all time inspirational songs without doubt!

Harimohan said...

Hi Anon, I did consider it but decided it does not make my top 10 list. Maybe my top 20.