Monday, May 31, 2010

Long Hot Weekend

Raja came down on Thursday morning from Nagpur and he came over to the Don Bosco school location where we were shooting the Teacher's vs Student's match. He stayed at the shoot all day - we came home for lunch - and then we went back. Some chilled beer, we put our feet up, and we relaxed that evening catching up. The next day Raja chose to go and meet Thomas while I had to report at the ground early on because there was still some more cricket going on. It was another super hot day and many of the unit felt the heat including our cheerful director Mohana Krishna. We somehow got through the heat and made it home. Some beer in the evening and we watched 'Chak De' on video which was good fun. I missed most of the second half because of a long conference call between Rags, Ram and I but I'd seen the movie before.
Saturday was a day off due to the perceived political disturbances in the state and we all (Raja, Shobhs, Anjali and I) headed out to Landmark. I went to Ram's office for some work while Shobha, Anjali and Raja went ahead to buy some books and CDs. We came back in the heat after a couple of hours and settled down at home with some more beer and a video of a Telugu film that was unusually titled 'A Film by Aravind' which was much recommended by one of our unit members Shyam. It started of well enough but after sometime the movie forgot its original track and went off on its own in an attempt to remain mysterious, dark and to keep the audience guessing. In fact it got so dark in the second half that we could barely see anything. After a while it began to get hilarious because a completely new character came in, several threads were thrown aside, many characters forgotten and we all were quite glad it was over finally.
After a rest, we got out another new video 'Sye' an old Rajamouli film with some rugby background. Senthil had shot this movie so I decided to watch it again. It was okay, a bit too long certainly, too violent and generally did not thrill me as I thought it would. The sports scenes were good though and it ended with the same kind of a feeling that good sports scenes leave you with - a nice high. Some scores, signs, the All Black dance, the speech had a sense of deja vu of course. I felt it could have been 30 minutes shorter.
Sunday morning I went for a walk with Ramraju at KBR, returned and picked up Raja and went to the M L Jaisimha Cricket Academy to help Mohan pick his Everglades team. I had a nice workout bowling at some of the kids and we returned home. We decided not to take a chance with another unknown movie and watched 'The Mirror Cracked' - an Agatha Christie murder mystery with Ms. Marple and a great star cast - Elizabeth Taylor. Rock Hudson etc. That was good fun and we fell into deep slumber after which we dropped Raja off at the bus stop late at night.

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