Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Romantics - Years Ago

I wrote a bunch of such thoughts and words and my attempt at poems while on breaks at IDBI at the WTC, Cuffe Parade overlooking the beautiful Arabian Sea. Magnificent sights, loneliness, and much love in the air (Shobha was in Hyderabad still) when I gave vent to these thoughts. I will unleash them every now and then.

Musings from the 14th floor
Your acts say what words can never convey. They are the real you. Your eyes. They epitomize love and tenderness. Wondrous. Mischievous. But intense, clear, deep and very peaceful. Eyes that make me feel at home, feel important and secure. Eyes that say that they understand. Eyes that are wary when I am in danger, eyes that light up the universe when they see me. And the way you look at me when you ask me an innocent question – those eyes bleed my heart with their sheer innocence. To me they mirror your clear soul.

The sight of a rainbow
In a waning midsummer rain
Of a drifting boat
In the deep blue ocean

Of a bright azure sky
Through the autumn forest
Of a sleeping child
On its mother’s breast

Of the mindless flight
Of a soaring eagle
Of a morning sunlight
On the breakfast table

Of a gurgling brook
In the middle of the green
Of timeless mysterious mountains
From a passing train

Of a morning mist
And dew on the lawn
These fill my heart, mind and soul
To the very brink yet
Do not compare with the sight of
The love in your eyes

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