Friday, May 7, 2010

The First Few Steps

This is interesting. Among the things that I decided to take full ownership was losing weight, say about 5-7 kilos in 30 days. I started dutifully by going to cricket practice which I figured was a good way to exercise and so it was. Enjoyable, fun and a good workout. But then, after a couple of days I realized that Coach was making the other kids do some drills which were important and that cut down on net time. After two consecutive days of doing nothing, I decided that there was no point going all the way, have a chai and return without any exercise. It felt a little hopeless. Now what? I hung on to my intention by a thin thread.

Options Open Up
Today, I decided to go for a walk instead. Despite all plans and alarms, I got out of bed with great reluctance, and then made it to the KBR Park with even greater reluctance. The only thought I held in my head was, even if it just for 15 minutes, go to the ground. Slow down, but don't stop.

New Thoughts, Small Improvements
And so it was that I started the walk with thoughts that I would hang on for 15 minutes and return. And then, an idea came into my head. How about jogging for 25 meters at a time. Nothing big, just a slow 25 meter job and then walk. So I started a slow jog for 25 meters, took a break, another 25 meters, and so on. In a short while, I was enjoying these small 25 meter jogs so much that I completed the entire 6 kms without realizing it. My morning plan ended much better than I had planned because I was not planning on any sort of jogging etc for a while. Very satisfying indeed!

Go Give Yourself A Chance
Looking back I think that those first few steps helped. Also the fact that I decided to go to the park. Go to the ground. Take two steps and then see what happens.

It applies to anything in life I guess. Go to the selections, to the auditions, send the proposal to the publishers, meet those people you need to meet. If it all looks too daunting, at least, take the first step, go there and hang around in the auditorium to begin with. You never know where it may lead to next.


Dr. Ranjani said...

Good advice, Hari. I think the slow down, don't stop motto works very well.

Harimohan said...

Thanks Ranjani. Having a great time reading your travel blogs. Don't skow down on those..