Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yatra - Movie

Watched 'Yatra' starring Nana Patekar, Rekha and Deepti Naval and directed by Gautam Ghose. Looked like an interesting bunch of people so I picked up the CD. No more picking up movies on star cast. This is the third time I got fooled in 3 days. The last two were Athithi Tum Kab Jaoge where I trusted Ajay Devgan, Konkona Sena and Paresh Rawal, then Karthik Calling Karthik with Farhan Akhthar and Deepika, and now this.

Yatra is the story of a an award winning writer Dashrath Joglekar who has just won the prestigious Sahitya Award sponsored by a steel company. Joglekar has a deliriously happy family, wife Deepti Naval who loves collecting turtle toys, a mom who has opinions on the free market system, a concerned daughter and a drum beating son with the name, Yaman, whom you want to strangle. No points for guessing but with a family like this Dashrath is constantly in a state of inebriation. Dashrath also speaks in 35 rpm, repeats everything twice and laughs wildly in every dialogue, which I think adds to the length of the film by about 30 minutes.

Dashrath is a heart patient and is constantly reminded by his family to take medicines and stuff. He believes that his wife is his sorbitrate and when he says that in a moment of passion, the old couple get turned on by all this talk of sorbitrates and heart attacks and decide to french kiss one another. This is not nice to watch but somehow they do it, God knows why.

Anyway post sordid sorbitrate episode, Dashrath takes the train to Delhi despite being offered a flight ticket by one Ms. Sen, his hostess in Delhi. He meets an aspiring film director on the train and they discuss the tale of his award winning novel 'Janaza'. Drink upon drink, Dashrath narrates the tale of Lajwanti played by Rekha, a danseuse, brought from Varanasi to Adilabad by a local landlord. How the landlord exploits her and how one Satish alias Dashrath saves her and how she ends up in Hyderabad's red light area follows. Makes one wonder if she was better off by herself in Adilabad but then different strokes for different people. Dashrath, then, is married of course and is a master ji as well with supportive wife and mom and young children. For all those who are getting ideas Dashrath and Lajwanti share only their passion for music. Now back on the train journey where this story is being narrated by Dasharth, the young film director wants to make a movie and Dashrath agrees.

At Delhi Dashrath recieves his award, gets drunk and promptly scoots off to Lajwanti in Hyderabad. Lajwanti's Man Friday Salim is happier than her to see him, making the audience wonder why? After the initial awkwardness Lajwanti goes off to do some jhatkas on some modern numbers like 'Kabhi Aar, kabhi paar..' to her new, young clientele, comes back and makes hot mirchi bajjis for Dashrath, and arranges an old style dance for him with an orchestra comprising of casual labourers. Dasharth drinks and drinks, offers her his Sahitya Award, and in a moment of tenderness, has a heart attack. Sadly, Lajwanti is not tested for sorbitrate like effects.

The rest of the movie is quickly spent on disposing the stiff in an almirah which consist mainly of the plan of throwing it around, the family trying to find out his whereabouts after the award function, the Delhi police tracing him to the airport and Sorbitrate hunting down Lajwanti, c/o Mehendi galli to track Dashrath who is heading off God knows where in the inside of an almirah that is loaded on a mini truck being held up by four orchestra members.

Thus ends Yatra.


Rajendra said...

what a creative plot. How did anybody think of all these things?

Prarthana Nargundkar said...

at rajendra: i think they were very jobless. that's the reason they could come up with this kind of a plot. it was a torture to watch rekha doing hatke-jhatke on some item numbers.