Thursday, May 20, 2010

Humour In My Life

I realized the other day that some more humor in my life would be a good thing. So I thought of all the people who make me laugh. I cannot make a comprehensive list because I think I laugh easily and sometimes at not too funny things as well. Among those who always bring a smile to my face are Raja (some of the worst and best PJs but he is perpetually at it), Shobha (incredible spontaneity and great at double entendres - what is common between the Indian cricket team and Russia - Azerbaijaan), Ram (a really funny sarcastic brand of humor that I think is genetic), Tharian Peter (some of the best poker faced humor), Naresh (he just likes to laugh), Sunnie (he has a great sense of humour anytime), C. Sanjay(he can be a riot when in the mood), Bijju (a sophisticated brand of humor), Satish Singh (a brand of humor only he is capable of).

Among the others there is Choudary who has a capability to pick my mood up anytime with his self deprecating yet highly enthusiastic take on life. Satish, Milind and Parth are great to have a laugh with - Satish has a take on life with his varied experiences, Milind with his very apt one liners and Parth always ready to plug in any unintended gaps. Mohan has a funny take on life but it is what he actually does that make me laugh - he does get into some funny and awkward situations.

But Roll On the Floor moments were some. Sunil Jyoti alias Topper and I have had some incredible moments when we laughed our guts out. There was one stupid moment when we were laughing about all the terrorists in the world visiting our country as Heads of State (Idi Amin figured, God knows why) and building up stories on some news items and we could not help ourselves as we laughed and laughed. Shobha who was watching this laughing fit could not understand what it was all about and we could not stop laughing and she finally stomped off in anger.

Another time was when we were lying down on this huge bed in Naresh's house under an old fan which looked like it weighed a ton and which had a huge nut that looked like it weighed a ton itself. I don't remember if we were drunk but we laughed about what would happen if the fan fell on us, or even if the nut did. Meaningless stuff but it somehow lingers on as one of those hysterical moments.

In recent times I have found that Mohan Krishna Indraganti is really funny even in adverse conditions (such as directing in 44 degree heat) and in tandem with his great friend Sagar, things can gets really hilarious as they take on the film industry. And in my short time with Bharani, the veteran character actor, my laugh rate went up incredibly high. He is amazingly funny and I wish there were more such to spread some cheer in the world.

Another time was when I watched this movie called Mr. Boo in school. Boy, did I laugh. I really fell out of the chair that time. It was not so funny the next time though. I find its easier to watch repeats of funny movies than the intense ones. So 'Angoor', 'Andaz Apna Apna', Chupke Chupke' are anytime watches for me. 'Tom and Jerry' make me laugh aloud almost every time.

Among authors who make me laugh loud are Wodehouse (all his books), Tom Sharpe (Wilt), Sue Townsend (Adrian Mole series), Ben Elton (Gasping is wonderful), Dave Barry and Bill Bryson. I loved a few pieces by Jug Suraiya. In my circle of friends I have Vinod Ekbote who has the amazing knack of writing so funnily that it makes one laugh out loud. I do think he should put up a few of his middles on his blog so more people can read them as well. I will tell him that!
Meanwhile let me think of some more funny moments.


Rajendra said...

I am inspired by this to concoct one...what would Idi Amin be called if he were a South Indian? Idli Amin.

Harimohan said...

That was a gap well taken advantage of. The vintage form continues...

Vinod Ekbote said...

Hari, that's a good idea. Maybe I should put em up on my blog. Btw, your post was very interesting and no less funny.