Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Super Review of 'If You Love Someone' - Financial Express

Check out this link. It has a review of If You Love Someone (someplace near the bottom) in the Financial Express with a 4 star rating as well. The 'romance ka badshah arrives'!


For those who want to read only the review of 'If You Love Someone...' (the article titled Summer of Pulp reviewed several other books), here it is.

"If You Love Someone..."

Harimohan Paruvu


Rs 195, Pp 234


An intense love story that revolves around Meghna Mathur, an erstwhile successful career women who sacrifices her career, ambitions and her life to make her husband's business successful. In her search for perfect relationship she is drawn to Aditya, her first love. And its her promise to Meet him again on her 50th birthday that draws her out of her monotonous life and Aditya from the jaws of death.


Meghna Mathur:A beautiful, intelligent and complex women whose passion for life gets suppressed because of her marriage

Aditya: An intense and enigmatic character, completely in love with Meghna.

Pankaj: Meghna's husband who is totally dependent on her for all the little things in life, but refuses to give her any credit


It's the character of the protagonist that one can easily identify with. And for those that have been on a staple diet of mush, this unconventional love story, the intensity will be rivetting.

Pulpmeter :****

Check out the four star rating!! Made my day for sure.

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