Friday, June 25, 2010

Follow-up for the Champion's Mindset

As follow up for the Champion Mindset workshop these are things to bear in mind, exercises to do:
1) Do one thing out of comfort zone every day and write it down in a journal
2) Create and remember to write down as many YES factors as you can during the day
3) Act on every thought - it is the act that makes the experience, not the thought alone
4) Take ownership for every act, thought
5) Remember that champions may not be popular but they are respected
6) Focus on the positives even when things go wrong, build up the positives and make this a habit
7) Measure improvement each day, whether it is weight loss or adding a new skill
8) Get comfortable with your strengths, with yourself, add more if you can from other sources
9) Fine tune your detailed action plan, just add a few lines everyday, sometimes just look at it until it makes sense to you. make more plans for dreams in other areas and journal down your progress
10) Set targets for yourself, raise expectations from yourself so you live up to it
11) The more you act, the more you grow, and the more you grow out of your comfort zone the more you participate in life
12) List down things you'd really like to do, which you have been postponing and start doing them right now
13) Figure out things that are not working in your life and take one step towards taking more ownership on it
14) Do things that make you smile, laugh
15) Be with people who help you on the path, support you

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