Thursday, June 24, 2010

Champions Mindset at COD - Hectic 2 days

Developing the Champion's Mindset program at COD
The Champions Mindset workshop at COD went off very well. I was quite surprised to find that we had 19 registrations - I expected about 15. There were 4 nominations from Singareni Collieries (Joseph, Appa Rao, Venu Gopal and Biswanath Rano), 5 from Naandi Foundation (Rekha, Narasimha Rao, Narasimha Chary, Murali and Rajesh Patel) 3 from Ybrant Digital (Pawan Wankhede, Ramakanth and Sreedhar), 2 from Midhani (Gurulingam and Ramavadh), 2 from APITCO (Sanjay Das and Srinivas Raghu), 2 from HIL (Pankaj and Ananth Reddy) and Dhanalakshmi, a young professional who came on her own.

It was a heterogenous group with 55 year old DGMs from Midhani to young pros who have started out on their careers, a Director of Business Development in a growing company to an ISB graduate and I knew it had its challenges in getting them all on the same plane. However, it all went off very well.

Noel David, my good friend, was kind enough to come at the end of the first day to share his experiences on how champions think and develop champion traits. It was very interesting to hear him recount stories about Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid, Anil Kumble, Azharuddin and Laxman apart from his own experiences.

The 2 day program was quite hectic as usual. Amar helped me in the program by taking care of all the backup stuff and supporting me through the program and that gave me enough space to deliver the program more efficiently. The interactions from the group were good and I was particularly satisfied to see animated involvement from the senior professionals in the program just as I was glad to know that Bhagyalakshmi was enjoying the program and getting what she wanted from it. Since she actually paid her own hard earned money and came voluntarily I was more keen to see how she was faring, and her feedback in the end was especially satisfying. The overall feedback at the end was good and it made it all worth it. I just about dragged myself off  in the evening and Amar and I went off to Odyssey for a cup of coffee.

Thanks Amar, Madhavi, Siddharth, Naresh, Vijay Nair, Majid Khan and all the staff at COD and all the participants. I enjoyed the two days, gave it my all, and am now going to take a well earned rest over the weekend.

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