Monday, June 21, 2010

Short Visit by Satish

Satish flew in from Pune last Wednesday morning and flew out on Thursday. It was a packed couple of days. We reached home just in time to drop Anjali off for her first day at school. She looked quite eager to get into the school and away from us. We returned and then went out to get Anjali back and also to get some shopping done. Watched a bit of a movie, drank some beer, ate a nice heavy lunch and slept. Went out in the evening to Koni's house to watch a soccer match on his big screen television and returned late at night.

Next day was scheduled for breakfast at Taj, Secunderabad, followed by tea at Bhave's. I had to rush back to go to a function. Dropped Shobha, Satish and Anjali at Westside and went on my way. After I returned, we had to make another trip to pick up his clothes at Westside. I dropped in at Landmark to see both books of mine well displayed, signed some copies and returned home. We left for the airport rather late but made it in good time.

It rained nicely all along the way and the ride was good fun.

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