Tuesday, March 23, 2010

More Praise To The Tortoise

In the Rabbit and Tortoise story, much is made of the rabbit being overconfident - and that it is not the speedy that always win. But to me the biggest lesson from this story is the tortoise's state-of-mind when he/she accepts the challenge. Only a madman would accept a challenge like that and persevere till the end. Imagine taking on a contest when it is loaded completely against you - and winning. I'd say the tortoise won the race for the one act of taking the rabbit on!

Lessons from the story for me:
1) It is never about how good the opposition has been till then, it is what happens that day - everyday is a new one, every race is a new one.
2) Never shirk away from a challenge, the bigger the better. Go, take up all challenges.
3) Focus on your work, and not on what is happening all around (rabbit could have scampered out of sight which does not mean you panic, plod on, old man). Draw your attention to yourself and your strengths.
4) Do what you do best and stick to plan. Give your best, your 100%.
5) Don't imitate the opponent - don't take rest if you notice the opponent taking rest.
6) Don't gloat over the opponent's mistakes - instead carry on with your job.
7) As you get closer to the goal, stop worrying about the other guy and where he is and just focus on your job.

Chances are you may win if you continue to give your best through the race, continue straining against your limits. Stuff that champions are made of!
Go tortoise!


Dr. Ranjani said...

Good lessons to remember. Perhaps another important point - enjoy the race itself!

Harimohan said...

Yes, how did I forget that?