Monday, March 29, 2010

The Champion's Mindset - Knowing Your Goals

The champion is clear about what he wants. This clarity itself differentiates him from the others more than any other quality.
So, to inculcate the Champion's Mindset, we must be clear about what we want too. Even things other than those that the world has planted in you of course. What do you really want?
It seems like a difficult question to answer for most. I had a tough time figuring out what I want. Still do sometimes. If we don't know what we want, then even if we have all the tools to get what we want we will not get it! Like having a car at our disposal and having no where to go!
In my workshops also I find that people do not know what they want. A house, a car, success etc are some of the things that come out with some prodding. But again with no clear idea. It is time to sit down with ourselves and get a clear idea. A house by a lake, a home by the sea, an office at Cuffe Parade, a Merc, a position as a Vice President in an MNC, a cricket commentator, a test cricketer, a star actor, a music composer...the clearer one is, the more the chances of it coming true.

How do I get clarity? What do I want?
One way is to go back to our childhood dreams. For example, I knew somehow, vaguely though, that I wanted to be a writer. And there were dreams of playing cricket as well. I see interviews of people in magazines and they say, 'I always wanted to be an actor, or a singer or a whatever...'. This is something that is quite evident in us.

Write, Verbalise
Anyway, it helps to write down the dreams that really drive you, that you would really feel good about. It could be earning pots of money, establishing a great company, being a great scientist and discovering great inventions, creating a great recipe, owning a bakery (mine), but it should make you feel good! It should charge you enough that you feel like working on it 15 hours a day!

Being In That Space
A home by the sea, a ride around India, ideas that make a difference to the world, great health, great relationships, wealth...give it a shape, a number, a color, a smell and visualize the dream. Many champions see themselves breasting the tape, lifting the cup, racing away to glory before they actually do it. It is that clarity, the being-in-that-place that propels them to their dream.

Make That List
So list what you want - the big ones, the small ones, the material ones and the spiritual ones. Make the list of what you really want for yourself. More importantly, get comfortable with the thought and feeling of enjoying that which you have achieved. If your dream is to earn 10 lakhs, get comfortable with handling a cheque for 10 lakhs responsibly instead of shutting the dream off at the starting point. So what would you do with 10 lakhs, what would you buy, where would you invest etc.
The Champion's Mindset is about being clear about the goal. And desiring it badly. And enjoying it when it is achieved!


Rajendra said...

Reminds me of a quote that said "If you don't know where you are going, any road can take you there."

Harimohan said...

Hi Raja, That is the kind of a quote that keeps me thinking...