Saturday, June 23, 2018

Thought for the Day - Connecting Thought to Work!

It is pretty much accepted that our thoughts seem to be the main culprits. One way to counter this constant stream of thoughts (mostly negative) they say is to control the mind and get into a thoughtless state. Meditation, mindfulness and other techniques are prescribed.

I had a thought (a rebel it appears!). What if each time we had a thought we were to act upon it. Or at least told our mind that we need to act upon it. Ah! Since its pretty much free zone we fantasize without limit but let's say we put a cost to it and that too with some work to be done about it - I suspect the thoughts - especially the negative ones - may find it rather intimidating to come about with their free suggestions.

I thought about it and have since found several thoughts disappearing. To practice it some more to see if it works. If I cannot stop the thoughts, I might get some work done.

Win-win situation.

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