Sunday, June 24, 2018

Anjali - Fit India Campaign

The ad blared on FM - about Balkrishna ji helping us Indians in the Fit India campaign by sharing some Ayurveda secrets - or something like that. It sounded a bit odd, we thought it was Baba Ramdev, then realized it was his old pal Balkrishna. I could barely keep my mouth shut because the family was in the car and well, we are supposed to be generally open and optimistic with children around.

'Seriously,' said Anjali. 'Aren't there any better things for them to focus on instead of Fit India?'
Hmm. Interesting. So ten-year-olds feel the same way.
'What better things?' I asked, just to see.

'Well pretty much everything else,' she said. 'Robbery, child lifters...'
I nodded. Yes, there were many more things to focus on surely. Why was this such a big thing now?

'Perhaps if you become fit you can run away from the robbers?' joked Shobha.
'But the robbers will also become fit right?' said Anjali. 'It's not a Fit India campaign only for the good guys is it?'

Point made. Point taken. But more importantly, ten-year olds can see through these campaigns. 

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