Thursday, June 7, 2018

Anjali - Reward Yourself For The Hard Work

This is a story Shobha told me.

She apparently told Anjali that she was not able to get down and complete the work she had set out to complete. She was putting it off.

Anjali thought about it.
 'You know this is what I do in such situations. I tell myself that if I read for an hour I will give myself a chocolate. After an hour I take a break and reward myself with a chocolate.'

Shobha liked the idea. Anyway she got down to work which is a good thing.

Within a few minutes Anjali landed up and asked her what she had set out as her 'reward'.

'I already finished my quota of the reward Anjali,' said Shobha. 'I have been watching the French Open instead of working all these days.'

I think the reward is an important part of this idea. Good for you Anjali.

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