Sunday, April 22, 2018

Why Are Parks Not Free Entry?

This cute little park near my colony was free entry until recently. Then they started charging Rs. 2 and then Rs. 3. Then they said there would be no charge until 8 am from 5 am for morning walkers. Then it went to Rs. 5 - all in the space of a couple of years. Now it is Rs. 10. What's the idea?

Then there are a whole bunch of rules as to what not to do. No games. No cameras. Especially shuttle, volleyball, cricket etc are strictly not allowed. Also video tapes and birthday cakes are not allowed. Birthday cakes? What's wrong with these people.

There is a huge list of people we are supposed to contact.I have no clue that so many people are involved in the upkeep of this park. I also have no clue what their jobs mean. Horticulture, Engineering, Street lights, HMWS and SB, Sanitation, Sports??, Veterinary, Entomology??, Police, Traffic. Are they serious?

The average citizen needs very little to be happy. A few trees, a water body, some shade, some grass...and they forget their troubles for a long time. Public parks should serve the purpose of providing them the space free. Why is everything being charged for like its a private enterprise? How many people can afford Rs. 10 to gain into a park like this? Why cannot the man on the road also access this because this seems exactly like a ploy to keep them out. And why cannot kids play? Give them areas to play. If people are misusing the property - which very few will - you have security guards all over. Tell them to step in when anyone steps out of line. But no. We must have a huge list of rules, a list of officers and make it inaccessible except for the rich. Give me a break! 

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