Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Thought for the Day - The Many Stories We Use to Restrict Ourselves

When we are born, we are all equal. All possibilities exist for all of us. We are god particles and all particles are equal.

But then our minds start absorbing and believing certain stories, filters. We believe in good-bad, rich-poor, white-black, smart-stupid, thin-fat, ugly-beautiful, high born-low born, talented-mediocre, healthy-unhealthy, lucky-unlucky, boy-girl, religious-atheist, straight-gay, able-disabled and so on and on (please add some more).

With each new filter comes a restriction. Certain possibilities reduce. By the time we are twenty many possibilities have vanished and we have a very small window to operate in. It is stifling to operate in that small window and try to prove our worth just within so many restrictions. It is an inhuman burden. And certainly a losing battle.

However these are stories we told ourselves. They did not exist when we were born. Most are subjective and the others have more interpretations than one (ugly is beautiful, fat is cute, poor is free). We could perhaps remove these frames one by one by retelling those stories.

Maybe in a story somewhat akin to that of Benjamin Button's, we could reverse things, not out age, but those stories.

Imagine the freedom one would feel when each one of these frames is lifted. When each story is seen for what it is - a story - is retold in the original context and the window of possibility made larger and larger until there remains not a window, but the whole, beautiful, open sky.

Remove. Retell. Until you are free.

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