Friday, April 13, 2018

Shame - Kathua, Unnao..And Counting!

Here's a poem someone wrote...don't read it if you don't have the stomach. If you don't understand the context read about the Kathua murder.

"I Sent The Horses Back Home"
I sent the horses trotting
And they found their way back home.

But, I couldn't
My legs that you thought were
Swift as those of a deer,
They froze,
Maai, they froze.

But I sent the horses home.

Maai, them monsters,
They had no horns or fangs,
Or deadly long nails
But they hurt me.
They hurt me bad, Maai
The purple flowers,
The yellow butterflies,
They stood there helpless.

While I sent the horses back home.

Maai,Tell Baba that I know,
I know,
I know he tried, I heard him say out my name
I heard him repeat it loud.
I was sleepy Maai,
I was tired.
Them monsters,
They hurt me bad.

Strange as it may seem to you,
It feels like your warmth now,
It doesn't hurt anymore.
The blood has dried
And it looks like the purple blossoms 
That swayed with me in the meadows
It doesn't hurt, Maai.

The monsters are still out there,
And there are stories too.
Don't listen to them Maai.
Gut wrenching and agonising they are
And a lot you've gone through.

Lest I forget,
There's a temple there
Where lives a goddess.
Thank her,
For I think it's she who helped,

The horses find their way back home.

- Mi

The leadership has no moral right to stay if it cannot condemn the incidents that happened in Kathua and Unnao. It is as good as party to the crime if it has no spine to condemn.

It is quite clear why there is this silence. It's about religion, community, votes, division. It's about hate.

It's about cowardice.


Condemn in the name of humanity at least. But they still defend, protect, side step. Shame!

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