Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Thought for the Day - The Curious Case of Stress

Stress builds!

Which means that it builds inside - since there is no outlet. Which means that there are two ways to control stress. Either reduce the stuff going in (building up). Or, create an outlet on the other end so there is an escape.
There's light at the end of the tunnel - don't stress, walk on!

Let's say someone is worried about whether one will have enough money to secure oneself, or about health, or about any other thing. If one were to stop worrying about it (and instead does something about it instead of worrying) the inlet is taken care of. One is doing things without the 'worry'. One is fine with all possibilities that could happen.

On the other hand if one 'must have' whatever one has set one's mind on, one could look at managing the outlet part i.e. maybe increasing the time span, maybe looking at alternate possibilities. Maybe even being open to many different possibilities. So there is effort, but less pressure on the outcome.

Both ways, I am tending to believe that it helps to be open to all possibilities.

To understand better - think you are dead by the end of the evening. What would you be doing? When I tried that I realised I did not 'need' to do so many things I was doing. And whatever happened did happen well.

And there was no stress. Our end, luckily, is open!

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