Monday, February 19, 2018

Two Great Teachers of Mine - Bro Joseph and Baig sir

It had to be an All Saints High School connection.

Bro. Joseph, known as the 'cricket brother' who promoted cricket in all the schools he was involved in and one who made the lives of many like me so much more fuller through this aspect, is a wonderful teacher full of compassion, care and love for his students. He is one who is always smiling, always thinking of ways to bring the best out of the students. After serving as Principal in various Montfort institutions Bro. Joseph is now serving in Rome as one of the top 5 Provincials of the Montfort Brothers order. 'It is the act that may not be acceptable, not the person,' he told me once when I asked him his biggest learning as a teacher.
Mr. Baig sir and Bro Joseph
Baig sir was my first cricket coach and was invited by Bro Joseph to coach a new team at All Saints High School in 1982. He coached us for a week at school before the leagues started and it was the first time I was playing cricket with a proper cricket ball (he was already a BCCI Coach for South Zone). In two sessions he sorted out my follow through, got my action flowing better and rapped me for being casual while fielding. That very year I played for Hyderabad Under 15 and we won and I was happy to see Baig sir watching the game when I scored a crucial 27 to give us the first inning lead. For a whole month that summer we were part of the South Zone coaching camp under his training at Bangalore - an invaluable experience for most of us.
2007 - At the launch of 'The Men Within'
I am fortunate to stay in touch with both of them. Bro Joseph calls me every time he is in Hyderabad and I try to meet him each time and even otherwise we are in touch. Baig sir and I meet every week at the Jaisimha Cricket Academy where he coaches and I chip in and ask questions I should have asked thirty five years ago. They have been an integral part of my journey and have read drafts of 'The Men Within' and gave me their invaluable feedback and even came for the book launch. It was wonderful to give them both copies of the book at the launch.
2007 - Handing over a copy to Baig sir
Now Bro. Joseph is down with a lung infection and Baig sir and I visited him in hospital. When i told Baig sir that Bro Joseph was unwell, he said without a moment's delay - 'Let's go as soon as we can. When someone is in the hospital we must not delay.
2007 - Bro Joseph with his copy
Old world. But its so charming. So we got a picture.

Immense gratitude.

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