Sunday, February 11, 2018

Book Fair - Launching Vasudev Prasad's Book 'Sherolck Holmes in Timbuktu'

Vasudev Murthy, a Jaico author, was in town and had a book event scheduled at the Hyderabad Book Fair. I had never been to it so I went. He wanted me to converse with him at the book launch. His school teacher was there too - Mrs. Thomas. So we released the book 'Sherlock Holmes in Timbuktu'.
Apparently Sherlock is now out of copyright and one can write about him. Vasu has written two books on Sherlock already. Apart from writing very well (he has published several books), he practices yoga, is an animal rights activist, corporate teacher and is currently learning Bharatanatyam.
Vasu is based in Bangalore.

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