Friday, February 23, 2018

Don't Get me Started - Mitchell Symons

As the title reveals, Mitchell Symons is not too happy with certain things in life. Don't get him started on those. It is the 'very grumpy guide to the most annoying aspects of everyday life'. And he says it is not so much about grumpy as furious. His range starts at Annoyance and increases to Aggravation and on to Exasperation and Irascibility and Outrage and Fury and settles at Raging Fury finally.

Some examples of things that annoy Symons are.

Unnecessary apostrophe's
Post-modernism - whatever it is.
Reality TV shows
People who use toothpicks in public
Bald men with pony tails
People who clearly don't exercise wearing tracks and trainers
Shop assistant chewing gum
Adolescents wearing hoodies
Sycophantic TV interviews of actors and writers
People who use larger words when smaller ones would do. The vaginas.
The word attitude used to describe rudeness and arrogance
Men wearing ear rings
Women showing off tattoos
Writers who use arcane language to show off
Clothes shops boasting 70% off when 99%of the goods is only 10% off
Booker prize winning novels (more in comparison with great books that didn't get it)
Drunk men having to take responsibility for what they do on a date night  when drunk women don't have to
People who confuse excuses with apologies

And so many more. I love the book because it gives me a whole lot of material to base my columns on the most irritating of human behaviors. So I am going to keep it carefully and make that list longer. 

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