Sunday, February 18, 2018

Anjali - Thoughtfulness and Care

It was a joke. There are some jokes we cannot stop ourselves from laughing uncontrollably. Anjali is one of the few who shares such crazy laughter with me. I love the way she laughs so wholeheartedly like a gurgling brook. Anyway we were talking about her badminton classes which she was slowly getting out of. She said she did not want t play doubles (perhaps a fallout of her partner hitting her on her head recently - a pretty bad bump resulting). I joked saying that she should probably play doubles by herself with racquets in both hands and going whirr. The visual was unexpectedly funny and we went off into paroxysms of laughter, one that we could not control for a long time.

While laughing uncontrollably I found her patting me on my back and calming me down. She did this a couple of times and I finally asked her what she was doing when I stopped laughing.

'Well, you were getting a little excited,' she said. 'So I thought I would calm you down.'

That's a lot more thoughtfulness and care than I see from most. Good to see the young lady thought her old man needed a hand.

'It's funny how when we laugh so hard the sound stops coming,' she observed quickly, allowing me to recover. The slow curtain. Very thoughtful again.

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