Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Thought For the Day - An Essential Question for Human Resource Recruiters

This is my set of game changing questions for recruiters.

1) Candidates must be asked - have you ever fallen in love?

The purpose of this question is clear - does this person knows what it is to love anything. Does he or she know what it is to want anything, to take responsibility for that want and to accept it.

The ones who say Yes, will proceed to next round. The ones who say No will be asked to find something or someone to fall in love before applying again.

2) If you have fallen in love, what have you done about it?

The purpose of this question is pretty simple - to know what the candidate will do if he or she wants something.

Those who did something will proceed further irrespective of the fact that their proposals in love may have been rejected or accepted. Those who didn't do anything will be asked to go and do something about the loose end and come back. No point having people who want something and don't have the courage or conviction to do something about it.

3) If you got rejected, what did you do about it?

The purpose of this question is simple - will you handle rejection and work around it so you get what you want or will you give up, sulk and go home like a loser.

Those who do something about the rejection and persist will be selected - irrespective of the result. It's the attitude that matters. Those who have given up at the first sign of rejection, will be asked to rethink their strategies in life to counter obstacles. You see there will be many.

This question, if made mandatory, will make many people clear about what they want, what they love, and push them to do something about it. This will help not only in the birth of many love stories that never took off, happier people and couples and certainly a population that is clear about what it wants. After all its better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all as Alfred Lord Tennyson said.

P.S. One could use this set of questions on writers too because they face rejections as well - but they are a morose lot so perhaps you could skip them at the very beginnng itself.


Girija said...

If would like to digress about writers being a morose lot. Some may be. But lots of them are bright, shiny, opiniated,exciting,thought provoking,mad lot. ♡✩★

Harimohan said...

Unfortunately I only know the morose ones. Glad to know there are the shiny types too! :)
Will keep my eyes peeled for them.

But on a serious note, thanks for sharing.

Girija said...

Will wait for the day
You will write about
Bright,shiny writers.

Harimohan said...

Haha. I am sure I will. Who knows, I could find one hidden somewhere within myself too!
Thanks Girija. :)