Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Thought for the Day - Now Is The Only Dream

We hear this often. That our dreams must come true. That our dreams are dashed. That our illusions are shattered.

Sometimes I do wonder what these dreams are. Are they visions of a life sold by advertisers? Dreams that may never come true because you really don't want them? I look at my dreams and wonder what are the dreams that I care for. That I'd really want to come alive. I cannot find too many that go beyond what I have in my present.

What I really care is this. It is perhaps a laugh I share with someone. I quiet midnight tea with someone who really loves me. An hour of play with old friends. Mindless banter. A kind word. A helping gesture. A ray of sunlight. A softly blowing breeze. A cool sip of water. A haunting melody. A fragrance. A touch. A walk with that special someone. A good night's sleep.

A day when I wake up with all my dreams compressed into that one moment - that now. Ah, I could hug that forever and sink back. Cannot ask for more.

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