Monday, May 19, 2014

Accepting New Leadership, New Thoughts

I find many people whose views differed especially with respect to who should lead the country, getting paranoid. 'The country will go to dogs' some say, 'we must be afraid' say some others. Before elections it makes sense for each one to have their own ideas and opinions built on their knowledge, perception and experience. But what I find lacking is the knowledge of the roles one has to play at different points in time which results in these people staying out of the process because of their old thoughts.

For example, if one supported AAP and not Modi for whatever reasons pre-elections, one need not get paranoid at the way BJP won. In fact the old role of supporting AAP makes sense in a democracy, but any party that comes to power with  such sweeping mandate should be recognised, and accepted as the new reality. The role now as a citizen of India should not be to spread paranoia or to forecast doomsday predictions or wait for the new government to make mistakes so we can say I-told-you-so, but to slip into the new scheme of things and do your best to help move forward. It is new leadership, new thought and it may not think like you, but it is the leadership that is voted in. So it makes no sense to step outside the process in protest. In fact, it is your duty to support the leadership. It is the first role, as the citizen of the country to stay together, to support our chosen leadership fully.

It does not mean sacrificing your thought. Express your thought, your dissent, and keep the leadership and new thought aware that other perspectives exist and will be voiced and heard. In fact the role of the opposition is the same - to keep the party in power alert and aware, on its feet - so the best decisions are made. In this seesaw one must always look for the best interest of the country, of the team as a whole, of which we are part of. That is the intent of keeping the debate alive, the perspectives alive.

For too long we have been a divisive lot happy to pull down others even if it affects us negatively in the long run. For too long we have taken pride in pulling down our own people who are trying to do something different or think differently. We must now think as one, know our roles and play them out. As a team, as a country we are one and no one, not even a leadership that comes in with a thumping majority, can shake that unity. Our allegiance should be for that thought. No deviation,, no divisive talk or act should be tolerated. As an individual our role is to voice our opinion and be heard, pointing our deficiencies or bad policies fearlessly and keeping the government on its toes. In its true form democracies will be at their best only when people participate fully, fearlessly. To do that well, one must know the roles clearly - that of a member who must support the team despite a difference of opinion and the other of the member who sees the leadership does not veer away from common good.

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