Monday, May 12, 2014

How Do You Know - Movie Review

It's one of those movies that are fun while watching but in the end it just slips by without leaving any lasting impressions. If you're not looking for lasting impressions this one will fit the bill. Having said that I liked the way the scenes were enhanced with deft touches. Great improvisation.

We have a softball player (Reese Witherspoon) dropped from the national team and has no future in softball anymore. (How quickly she accepts her being dropped instead of trying for a comeback is something I did not understand). A wealthy businessman (Paul Rudd) is accused of securities fraud and loses his girlfriend, money and support. Loser no 2. Softball player has a fling with a Casanova baseball player (Owen Wilson) who is sweet and insensitive. How she hovers between these two gentlemen is the story and it peters down to a rather unconvincing end but who cares. She might come back again for all we care.

Like I said, it's good while it lasts. After its done, don't waster too much time talking or writing about it. I think the highly insipid title was frozen when Owen Wilson asks his  team mates how one knows when one is in love.

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