Saturday, December 15, 2012

Thought for the Day - Who Says You Have No Talent? You Have the Capacity to Love Don't You?

Who says you have no talent?

You have the capacity to love which is all the talent in the world you need.

Pic courtesy. Satish N

We have all been blessed with that magic potion called love that can change all things, our very lives, and transform them into pure gold. Open it up and pour it into whatever you are doing and it becomes an alchemical process. It changes the entire reaction and lifts it to a higher state.

And the more you pour of your love, the more you get of it. If you are stingy with it and do not use it, your quota of the magic potion remains small. And you are forever left wondering why everyone else is  happy, is more talented, is more lucky.

Get that magic potion out and use it. You don't need any other talent. Just add a bit of love to whatever you are doing.

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