Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Thought for the Day - How Not to Get Offended

I remember a wonderful quote that I read many years ago - 'Why do we get offended when someone does not offer us a cigarette we do not really want?'
It's the ego silly.
The Hills of Kothrud, Pic courtesy Satish N

Why do we get offended? Because we do not accept certain points of view. Because we think we are right. How can she think, talk or behave like that? That's untrue, unfair, downright unjust, a lie. And so many more reasons to get offended. 

How not to get offended? One way not to get offended by anything is to accept whatever comes your way. You are a fool - Yessir, thank you. You look awful - hey thanks. You're a prize ass - Wow, huge compliment. You're a liar - I agree, thanks for reminding me. You're terrible, who gave you this job - I know, I cannot believe it, thanks for telling me. And so on. Accept. Accept. There is certainly another point of view.

By accepting, life gets easier. You don't lose an enormous amount of time and energy justifying and defending needlessly. You are only accepting that there is another viewpoint. You are not accepting that the offensive viewpoint is right. You are still free to do what you do - now with greater freedom!

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